Hiking to five lakes – Pizol

The 5-lake-hike at the foot of the Pizol is rightly praised as one of the most impressive mountain hikes in the whole of Switzerland. This route is characterized by five crystal-clear mountain lakes, in which the clouds are reflected and which, depending on the season and sunshine, appear turquoise like a Caribbean bay, as well as giving insights into the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of Sardona.

Although one is probably never quite alone on this hiking tour due to its popularity, it seemed to me to be the ideal destination for the last day of my summer holidays, which I definitely wanted to spend in the fresh mountain air. One can easily find peaceful spots to enjoy nature around all of these lakes.

Actually, this hiking route in the Sarganserland had also aroused your interest and I got numerous questions about the Instagram story and pictures on the day so that I will now gladly share my experiences with you, as well as some worth knowing information and of course my photos too.

The starting point of this 5-lakes-hike is the Pizolhütte. We reached this mountain hut by using first the cable car from Wangs to Furt and after that two chairlift rides from there on. The 10 km long, well-maintained mountain path runs through constantly changing alpine landscape high above the forest line releasing great views of the Rhine Valley, the Grisons mountains and the Central Swiss mountain massif at various locations.

Only a short distance from the Pizolhütte lies the first lake, the Wangsersee. On our hiking day, this lake was almost completely hidden in the fog, so that we soon climbed up the path to the Wildseelücke. Once one has managed this first and most strenuous part of the hike, the indescribable panorama of Wildsee, Pizolgletscher, Lavtinahörnern, and the surrounding mountains opens up. The Wildsee with its turquoise water was my personal highlight of the hike. Here we enjoyed a small snack for the first time and could observe several ibexes looking through our binoculars.

We started the short descent to the third lake, the deep blue Schottensee, with new energy. There the clouds were being reflected like a mirror onto its smooth watery surface, where one could superbly skip stones with flat pebbles. Here is a great spot to have a picnic and there are fewer people around as well as more benches than at the Wildsee.

The path continues down to the dark Schwarzsee and past the legendary stone towers to the fifth and smallest lake, the Baschalvasee. In the end, one can have another short break before hiking downhill to the Gaffia mountain station. Those who still have enough time to eat something tasty or are thirsty can stop at the alpine restaurant Gaffia. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time for it. We reached Wangs again using the chair lift after having spent six hours on the way, whereby the pure hiking time only lasted for about 3.5 hours. You see, we didn’t hurry and included many smaller breaks at almost all the lakes. In any case, one has to consider the rather early closing down time of the gondolas, so that no one will miss the last ride out of sheer enjoyment. In addition, pack enough liquid, as you will not pass a restaurant, a fountain or a mountain stream where you could fill up your bottle.

I will certainly not have walked this path for the last time. The hike is not too long and the altitude difference is not too big to overcome, even though still a bit strenuous at times it offers the most beautiful resting places with dreamlike mountain lake backdrops.

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