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Our body is a fascinating and highly complex system. Countless factors and energies are at work and influence our general feeling and well-being daily.

Precisely in this area, the Italian company Freddy has been carrying out research over a long period of time and set itself the goal of using new technology to ensure greater physical balance and harmony in athletes. Freddy designed a pair of leggings which, worn both during and after a workout, leaves you with a feeling of lightness and physical balance. Sounds very intriguing, doesn’t it?

My interest was definitely roused when I received a request to test the new Freddy Energy Pants, available on the market. To be able to form an unbiased opinion, I had deliberately not researched the product in detail beforehand.

Through my job as a sports teacher, I know the feeling of heavy legs only too well. Of course, this aching sensation is often worse after sports-intensive days of interval runs or lower-body workouts with weights. I decided to wear the Freddy Energy Pants over several days during intense strength building sessions, stretching and yoga, as well as before and after exercising. After just a few days I actually noticed a change in the way I was feeling. I seemed to experience a kind of better relaxation and more lightness after an intense day of exercise.

Of course, physical perceptions are very individual from person to person. This is also true for the experience of wearing the Freddy Energy Pants. But I am not on my own in my positive perception. Freddy has tested its patent extensively since June 2019, with the help of over 100 athletes performing in the areas of dance, fitness, yoga and gymnastics. 75% of the participants noticed a similar benefit as I did and many also commented on less fatigue and improved muscular flexibility throughout their workouts.

But how does Freddy Energy Pants manage to release this sense of well-being in the body?

For its revolutionary technology, Freddy has drawn on the knowledge of pranotherapy. This form of therapy has its origins in bioenergetics, which in turn focuses on how body cells use, exchange and store energy.

Based on a study of the body’s meridians, over 30 small aluminum half spheres are placed on the inside of these leggings in such a way that their targeted pressure stimulates the meridians in the body. Acupuncture follows the same principle. The pressure is intended to activate the body’s energy map, so to speak, which can trigger a feeling of lightness and physical balance when moving around.

I now wear the Freddy Energy Pants often during my sports classes or for stretching and yoga sessions, especially on days when my legs feel tired and heavy. Their cozy soft fabric is just perfect. Although I perceive the pressure of the individual aluminium half spheres as somewhat unpleasant during prolonged sitting down times and therefore do not wear the Freddy Energy Pants on such occasions. Because of their plain, black design, the Freddy Energy Pants can be worn with any outfit. My only criticism I have is about the shape of the pants. Of course, other people’s preferences may vary. I like wearing sports leggings but prefer them to be of a high waist so that during any movement everything remains covered.

Those of you who are also interested in trying out the positive results of Freddy Energy Pants, can check out my latest Instagram post. In conjunction with Freddy I will give one away in a raffle. You can find all the details on Instagram in the picture below.

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